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Essential oils are an amazing way to support your body.  Education is the key to  learning about and making Essential oils part of your everyday routine.  


One of the best ways to learn and remember is to Share. Once you have learned about how amazing Essential oils can be you will want to share them. Let me help you feel confident in your sharing.


Do you love the benefits you are seeing from Essential oils? Would you like to build a business educating and selling Essential Oils? Join my team and Lets go! 


Education choices

In person Classes

Keep an eye on our calender, Facebook, and your email. We would love for you to join us at one of our in person classes. 

Online Facebook and Zoom Classes

Can't make it to a In person class? No need to worry! We have online classes. Join us for a Facebook Class or a virtual in person class through ZOOM. Facebook classes are  offered over several days. You read the posts at your pace and comment. ZOOM classes offered through a Video Conferencing APP/Site. You can call in without video or you can join us with video. Ask questions and join the conversation.

Online Learning

Are you a reader? The more info the better? We have so many amazing resources available. Many of our online classes are available to read through at your own pace on our joint website. 

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